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Hey, my name is Anna Nochko and I am Personal & Fashion Stylist.
I help MEN & WOMEN gaining confidence and express beautiful inner world through clothing they wear every day. It is important for me to recognizing uniqueness of the person and translate it to the surface.
I got my online certification as a Personal Fashion Consulting through the
London College of Fashion which is a world leader in fashion design, as well
as a Personal Stylist certificate through the Stylist School in Europe, Kiev
One of the biggest gifts people can get in their life is to understand what you
truly love, what makes your heart beating faster and follow that way. I am
grateful I found my path and keep helping men & women feeling beautiful and
loved all over the world!
My Services
Digital Guides
Cheap but extremely useful guides that will help you to understand fashion and style, as well as analyse & combine clothes by your own.
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Online Services
Services I provide via Zoom or Skype, such as creating a basic wardrobe, capsule wardrobe and a personal style a'lo cart.
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Offline Services
Services I provide in person, such as wardrobe review and shopping.
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Why working with me?
Completed fashion course in London Fashion College
London fashion College is considered to be a world leader in the fashion industry
Completed European Stylist School
Studied under MARGARITA MURADOVA (Inst @greenteanosugar - 260K followers)
My clients reviews
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+1 123 456 78 90
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