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Expanded Trends Guide for cold season 20/21
Before we start there is something I want you to remember...
Dress up what fits your personality, lifestyle & appearance
I won't be tired to say that you always have to take into consideration what type of person you are, what you like and what makes you feel comfortable and confident
Every piece of the wardrobe is going to be in trend
Fashion is moving towards the idea when everything is going to be in trend and you shouldn't be afraid to wear whatever you want keeping in mind how to style each item up to date
Sustainability is the future of fashion world
Many brands are looking for ways how to turn their business in sustainable way therefore if you support this idea have an eye on sustainable brands and upcycled collections
What will you find in here?
5 main character types from fashion prospective every person has
  • understanding types will help you to determine what trends you should be looking at to elevate your style
17 useful tips and tricks
  • ideas which will help you to freshen up your outfits and and show your knowledgeability of fashion
Over 300 picture of textures, shapes, silhouettes, prints
  • best runway collections in New York, Paris, London, Milan based on items you can find in every store
Color of the year
  • best combinations with these colors
Trends by category: outwear, tops, bottoms, shoes, bag, accessories
  • each category has garment you could easily purchase in any segment, whether it lux, middle or mass market
1. Character Style
First of all, character style is important because it translates your inner personality through clothing
You can wear styles/outfits which will create impression and emotions you wanted to evoke from people around you; i.e. when you applying for job, you would probably want to come for the interview as so the interviewer will think you are professional, right? The character style technique could help you with that and get an outfit that will be a part of your success with getting new job
There are 5 main characters from fashion prospective:
1. Dramatic
2. Romantic
3. Infantile
4. Classic
5. Hellion
How to determine your dominant type and auxiliary ones? It is very easy:
1. have a piece of paper in front of you creating cloud of tags that describes you, your personality (see examples below)
2. once created, determine which ones are same and have its biggest %
3. the more % you have in specific category, the more chances are that this is your dominant character type and others are auxiliary ones

Cloud of tags (examples)

  • DRAMATIC - Impudence, strength, sexuality, independence, seductiveness, aggression, challenge
  • ROMANTIC - Lightness, tenderness, girlhood, softness
  • CLASSIC - Conciseness, restraint, officialism, minimalism, clarity of thought, leader, seriousness
  • HELLION - Game, challenge, edge, vagabond, boyishness, sexuality
  • INFANTILE - Childhood, brightness, play, frivolity, softness, artistry, creativity
  • Metall
  • Dark colors & shades
  • Laconic forms
  • Rudeness
  • Leather
  • Uneven cut
  • Clasps
  • Rough prints
  • Inscriptions on T-shirts
  • Styling
  • Ruches
  • Light fabrics & textures
  • Floral print
  • Light shades
  • Fitted Silhouette
  • Curls
  • Cartoon prints
  • Bright colors
  • Light fabrics
  • Large buttons
  • Plastic in accessories
  • Mix of prints
  • Curls
  • Sharp lines
  • Thick fabrics
  • Minimum of abstract prints & bright colors
  • Base
  • Heel
  • Natural fabrics
  • Uneven cut
  • Sports
  • Jeans
  • Negligence
  • Eclecticism
  • Insolence
  • Massive decorations
  • Shine
2. Color of the year
  • Each year Pantone Institute announces main color of the year
  • Ultimate Grey + Illuminating are the colors of the next 2021 year
  • A marriage of color conveying a message of strength and hopefulness that is both enduring and uplifting.
3. Best color combinations
There so many color combinations with yellow and grey but I wanted to show you most glamorous ones:
  • Best combos with YELLOW color are:
  • Yellow + Beige
  • Yellow + Green
  • Yellow + Red
  • Yellow + Purple/Pink
  • Best combos with GREY color are:
  • Grey + Pink
  • Grey + Blue
  • Grey + Purple
  • Grey + Orange
4. Print combinations
This fall season all prints can be used but most common are checked, floral, animal
Best print combinations that always work:
1. Geometry + Geometry
2. Geometry + Abstract
3. Animal + Animal
4. Animal + Polka dot
5. Floral + Lines
6. Floral + Polka dot
Choose prints based on what face type and personality you are taking into consideration:
1. Color (warm or cold/neutral or pronounced type)
2. Appearance (soft or sharp lines)
3. Combination of the print and hair style
4. Expressing your inner outside
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5. Analytics
6. Outwear
Most popular Outerwear items for the cold season are:
  1. Coat – classic shapes, one or double breast, printed or neutral colours
  2. Cape - very romantic trend, not very practical though as it has very loose fit
  3. Trench – classic or asymmetric shapes both good, as well as prints on it
  4. Bomber - loose fit, printed or monochrome colours, casual style
  5. Quilted coat – ideal for chilly weather and could be used as the layer under the coat
  6. Leather jacket – trend for couple seasons already; try to find more loose/oversize items
  7. Knitted cardigan – very comfy and warm pieces and could be useful as an outwear and as the layer under the coat

1. Coat

2. Cape

3. Trench

4. Bomber

5. Quilted Coat

6. Leather Jacket

7. Knitted Cardigan

7. Suits
Suits nowadays became part of our day to day life. We can have suit on not only at work but at the party, meeting friends or even wearing it for a date
  • These garment can release your masculine side as well as sexuality and comfort
  • Be sure you choose type of a suit that fits your lifestyle and personality
  • It is recommended to have at least one suite in the wardrobe just in case
  • When choosing a suit, always pay attention to fabric quality; suits have to hold its shape
Best suits fabric for chilly weather will be:
  • Wool
  • Cashmere
  • Tweed
  • Flannel
  • Corduroy
Most popular suits these seasons are:
  1. Three-piece Suits (pants, vest and jacket)
  2. Denim
  3. Bermuda shorts
  4. Midi skirt
  5. Leather
  6. Knitted
  7. Pants

1. Three-piece Suits

2. Denim Suits

3. Bermuda Shorts Suits

4. Midi Skirt Suits

5. Leather Suits

6. Knitted Suits

7. Pants Suit

8. Dress
Most interesting pieces this fall/winter would be:
  1. Knitted dress
  2. Dress over pants
  3. Printed dress
  4. Balloon sleeve dress
  5. Minimal silhouette dress
  6. Asymmetric dress
  7. Party dress
When choosing dress pay attention to its fabric that is natural with some small % of polyester (polyester plays an important role as it gives clothing longer usage period)
  • If your choice is a professional dress, think of items that has structure as well as dense fabric
  • If you picking up a dress for a party, material should be light and flowing
  • As for colours, don’t limit yourself with one-two shade, choose any color you like

1. Knitted Dress

2. Dress over pants

3. Printed Dress

4. Balloon Sleeve Dress

5. Minimal Silhouette Dress

6. Asymmetrical Dress

7. Party Dress

9. Cardigans
  • Owning one or more cardigans for fall/winter is an investment but it is also as chic as the little black dress with more versatility and enduring
  • Cardigans are traditionally made from wool, while modern-day variations may be made of cotton, synthetic fibers or any combinations of the aforementioned materials
  • Best cardigans for cold time will be pure or mix of alpaca wool, merino wool, cashmere, cotton, silk
  • Don’t be afraid to have some synthetic fibers in the composition as it gives an item long lasting effect
  • In cold weather, cardigans also a little more convenient than a suit jacket, you can button up a cardigan as a mid-layer and it’ll give you the buttoned-up look of a waistcoat

Knitted Cardigans

10. Sweaters
  • Sweaters are great addition when it is not winter yet but already cold
  • May have a look at loose fit options and colours you like; it shouldn’t be only grey or black – if you are a bright person have a statement sweater you will be proudly wearing
  • Longer sweaters would be helpful as well and could be used as a dress on top of the pants (it is ok to wear dress over pants ☺)
  • One shoulder, balloon sleeve, printed are most interesting pieces this season



11. Blouse / Shirt
  • There is such a large variety of tops you can have in your wardrobe: sleeveless, turtleneck, balloon sleeve, long sleeve etc.
  • If you are a business person and work in the office blouses & shirts would be your go-to
  • Blouses & shirts are also good for people who tend to wear classic items and don’t like experiments
  • Fall is great season when you can wear these items as you can mix and match it with skirts, pants, jeans, bermuda shorts, suits etc.
  • Don’t forget about padded shoulders – shirts, t-shirts, suits can have it, it is still in trend this year
  • Before you make any choice think of your personality-lifestyle-mood first and only after think of trends



12. Skirts
I believe there is no woman on the planet who would not have at least 1 skirt in the closet and if you don’t have – it is not a big deal, I have some nice hints for you
This season most common skirts would be:
  1. Asymmetric shapes
  2. Pleated
  3. Pencil
  4. Leather
  5. Denim
  • Remember that fabric of the skirt has to emphasize positive aspects of your body
  • If you like A-line skirt, make sure the fabric will be flawless and drape – it will accent your femininity and make your shape slimmer as well as adding more flowing movements
  • If you prefer straight or pencil skirts it is suggested to choose more thick fabrics with small % of elastane, therefore it will give a needed support in the hip area and will make a perfect fit not adding extra volume
  • Most wearable length for Fall time will be midi and maxi; mini may work too if you have warm Fall

1. Asymmetric Skirts

2. Pleated Skirts

3. Pencil Skirts

4. Leather Skirts

5. Denim Skirts

13. Pants
Most important to keep in mind when choosing pants are: Fabric / Cut / Fit / Belt
Ideal fabric for pants in the cold weather will be: wool, cotton jersey, leather, velvet, denim
Most popular cuts are:
  1. Classic silhouettes
  2. Bermuda shorts
  3. Wide cut
  4. Flared shapes
  5. Culottes
  6. Cargo
If you have:
  • Broad hips – choose pants with fabric that will be dense enough and elastic, it will help to ideal the fit. Best pants for you are classic with center crease, slim fit or flared ones but preferable wearing it with high heels. Choose medium or high fit. Avoid details that adds volume to you hips like pockets, embroideries, zippers
  • Narrow hips – you are lucky, you can wear any pants you want. Most likely, you can wear any cut and fit but if you want to look like you have wider hips, your choice should be at palazzo, culotte, slouchy or joggers
  • Bulky forms or belly – your best shape is skinny or straight with medium or slightly low fit
  • Short hight – all pants that are skinny type will suit you very well

1. Classic Silhouettes

2. Bermuda Shorts

3. Wide cut

4. Flared Shapes

5. Culottes

6. Cargo

14. Bags
  • Bag is a very important accessory in women's wardrobe
  • It finishes the look, making it more chic and sophisticated
Remember some rules that would help you to make your choice:
  • Shape – the most important one; it doesn't matter if a bag is made of soft fabric or has rigid shape, silhouette of the purse must be clear
  • Types – classic shapes that has been in use for long period of time: tote, shopper, baguette, saddle, hobo
  • Fabric – whether your have faux or natural leather, it has to has shape and should look nice with the form of the bag
  • Hardware (details) – it is the first indicator of bag's cost; as more yellow and shiny metal is as much cheap it will look like; also, do not look at bags with bright decorative elements on it as well as rhinestones, applique, prints and logo

Classic Tote


Crossbody Bag

Mini Bags

Hobo Bags

Large Tote

15. Shoes
  • It depends where you live but in countries where fall/winter time is cold it is recommended to have some really good shoes in your wardrobe
  • You should remember - no matter what you should always stick to the right sizing! don’t purchase shoes that are even half size smaller or bigger, it will give you so much trouble
  • There is no certain rules of how you should choose shoes but definitely you should be aware of some shape, forms that are always in trend
Out of many shoes for cold period, these types will never go out of trend:
  • Flats: loafer, brogue, derby, wallabee
  • Boots: chelsea, flat shoe, cowboy, slouch, dress, Australian, chukka
  • Sneakers: plimsoll, converse, running
  • High heel: pump, slingback, mule, mary jane, stiletto
Trendy styles this season would be:
  1. Boots with massive outsole
  2. Slouchy Boot
  3. High wide boots
  4. Kitten heel
  5. Pointed shoes
  6. Printed
  7. Flats

1. Boots with massive soutole

2. Slouchy Boots

3. High Wide Boots

4. Kitten Heel

5. Pointed Shoes

6. Printed Shoes

7. Flats

16. Accessories
There are so many accessories out there - I understand your frustration. I am here to break down couple points for you. First off, if you are not a big fan of trends, I will recommend looking for basic pieces as it never goes out of fashion
From basic accessories you may consider having all or some:
  • Stud earrings
  • Hoop earrings
  • Drop / Chain earrings
  • Statement earrings
  • Signet ring
  • Cuff bracelet
  • Chain bracelet
  • Pendant
If we are looking at trends, have your eyes on:
  • Cuff / Hoop earrings
  • Childish jewellery
  • Modern designers pearl jewellery
  • Chokers
  • Asymmetric ones
  • Brooches
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17. Style Tips

Tip #1 Balloon Sleeves

Any dress, shirt, blouse or coat will look very up to date

Tip #2 Belt over dress

Try wearing a regular leather belt over your favourite romantic or cotton dress. The delicate dress will sparkle in a new way in contrast to the rough texture of the leather belt

Tip #3 Bracelet over a sleeve

Think of creative way wearing bracelets and one of them is to put it over a sleeve

Tip #4 Brooch

Such a wonderful piece can be added not only to your jacket or blouse but on the coat as well

Tip #5 Formula “Romantic dress+boots”

It is not a secret that the most interesting combinations in fashion are when you match different styles like having floral dress and boots

Tip #8 Long Belt

To use belt in a creative way, you would need to find a longer one so you could thread it from one way to another

Tip #10 One Earring

Don’t be shy to wear only one earring as it looks so stylish; make sure to have a statement (bold) earring so it could be seen on your ear

Tip #11 Trendy Print

All of prints are good to go, but all animal (snake, zebra, leopard) one was seeing on podiums most of all

Tip #12 Two or Three Bags

Have a look how Versace offers to wear bags; you can take a tote bag adding to it more smaller ones

Tip #13 Socks

For people who are not scared to experiment socks with the shoes will be go to this season, i.e. long socks below knee with the boots or regular length sock with pointed shoes

Tip #14 Scarf as a head accessory

One of the biggest trends 2020

Tip #15 Cardigan halfway buttoned

Have your cardigan loose and not buttoned at the bottom; that is a trick many fashion bloggers are using

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